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The 12-Channel-ECG of the Future for Heart Electrics and Mechanics: The Combyn™ ECG

Research is partially supported by SFG and FFG.




 The Combyn™ECG allows:


  • Recording of the 12-channel ECG with generation of templates and automatic ECG-analysis
  • Multiple frequency impedance measurements in 6 body segments
  • Measurement of the acceleration of the blood in thorax, both arms and both legs (impedance rheography)
  • From these data which are synchronized with the 12-channel-ECG many biological parameters and functions can be determined (cf. Analysis and Diagnosis Support)


Analysis and Diagnosis Support

  • Estimation of BNP
  • Detection of heart failure
  • Early recognition of localized edema
  • Measurement of muscle mass
  • Quantification of sarcopenia
  • Measurement of the aortic pulse wave velocity - aortic stiffness
  • Measurement of total body water
  • Measurement of extracellular volume
  • Diagnosis of overhydration




All results are presented on a single page as text and graphics.

For the scientifically interested physician who wants to perform his own calculations,an Excel-export of raw data is provided.

More details are provided for physicians when logged in. Please log in here.

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